After six years in Lebanon, I’ve had one conversation many times. It starts with, “why did you move here?”

I always knew I wanted to live abroad and decided to study International Affairs. Through my degree, I started taking Arabic and, under the suggestion of all my Lebanese professors, studied abroad in Lebanon. I knew from day one I had to move back and see what living was like here. I returned to Florida, graduated and signed a two year teaching contract in a small school outside of Beirut. Those two initial years turned into another two after I met my husband. I got a position at an International school in Beirut and signed another two year contract. Are you seeing the trend here? I fell in love with teaching and began studying International Education through the University of Bath. I’m about to begin my thesis this month. My husband and I got married on December 31, 2015 and found out we were pregnant a year later. Come follow along as I give you an honest look into the life of an American juggling a husband, newborn, thesis, full time teaching, and all the ups and downs of living in Lebanon. I’ll probably stay here two more years…

Wedding photo taken by Kallima Photography.